High quality raw materials are key to beautiful design

Cement, metal and aluminium are raw materials which are in constant evolution

Cement is an ideal choice for the creation of exhibition areas, shops and stores, but also residential spaces.

Without a doubt, cement has a well-earned reputation as an outstanding construction material. Although cement has traditionally been viewed as a rudimentary construction material, the arrival of innovative techniques has revolutionised these outdated concepts bringing cement into a new in which it has earned its place as a premium modern design product. By combining traditional cement with other natural components, cement is no longer relegated to the position of a basic construction product; on the contrary, it now occupies a worthy title as an elegant companion in state-of-the-art design projects.

In fact, by intentionally ‘contaminating’ pure cement with other materials, a previously considered pure construction product now offers new furnishing options with beautiful finishes. For this reason, D-ICON  and its’ highly qualified and passionate team are proud to present , a composite cement product perfectly adapted to any requirement irrespective of sector or taste.

La sua versatilità ne permette l’utilizzo in abitazioni private, negozi e spazi espositivi in genere mentre, in forma di pannello, può trovare spazio nei tradizionali rivestimenti a parete.

The versatile characteristics of this composite cement product make it the ideal choice for exclusive design features in private residences, shops and all types of exhibition spaces. Cimento is also available in the form of panels that deliver an optimal solution for wall coverings. Indeed, this composite cement material, which is patented in Italy, is well suited to all types of environments.

METAL: a synonym of quality and durability

We propose innovative and sophisticated materials so that you have the guarantee of a furnishing products which are at the same time practical, reliable and elegant. If you are looking for a product that is also solid and resilient then metal is the obvious choice.

In recent years, metal coatings and metal furnishings have exploited technological progress especially in terms of improved quality. These developments have positively impacted the notoriety of metal drawing attention from a widening audience.

Metal is an optimal solution not only for offices and open air buildings, but also for buildings destined for residential or commercial usage.

D-ICON closely collaborates with a raw metal specialist who elaborates metal from inception to finished product: design and planning, sheet metal processing, coating and polishing.

Aluminium: the ultimate choice in flexibility

Utmost in the public eye, aluminium has captured endless attention due to its versatility acting as both a structural component and a design feature.

In this context, D-ICON proposes modular aluminium structures which embody innovative features with regard to finishing touches and adaptability to all environments. The pairing of aluminium with glass and the stunning wallpapers produces exclusive designs which are modern and luminous.

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